Welcome to Celebrate Nonprofits 2013

Note from the Editor
Benevolent goodwill toward or love of humanity”; “generosity and helpfulness especially toward the needy or suffering”; “an institution engaged in relief of the poor” — the dictionary definition of the word “charity” only begins to scratch the surface of the true meaning of the word. Our country is built on the backs of its people, and it has prospered as a result of individuals reaching out and picking up those who could not support themselves.
This legacy is in full bloom in Santa Barbara County, home to more than a thousand nonprofit organizations that fill every niche and need imaginable — addressing health concerns of people and animals; helping people find affordable housing; ensuring kids have access to important arts education, tutoring, and athletic programs; and assisting those who are homeless, developmentally challenged, in recovery from drug addition, or coming to terms with the last stages of life — the list goes on. Although they do not operate for the purpose of earning money, in a sense it is difficult to think of them as nonprofit organizations, seeing as how so many people do “profit” from their work.
To symbolize the abundance that nonprofit organizations work so tirelessly to provide, we have chosen a tree — a traditional icon of growth and giving — with its trunk an illustration of a human hand, reaching out and nurturing with grace and dignity. This publication is intended not just to recognize, but to truly celebrate and honor the blood, sweat, and tears that go into making a nonprofit organization run. Running a nonprofit and participating as a volunteer are activities that require special character traits. A person must be able to derive pleasure from seeing other people benefit from her hard work. We are fortunate to have so many people with those traits who live in Santa Barbara and are so willing to give their time and energy to causes they believe in.
In addition to profiling a number of nonprofit organizations, many of the groups featured here have published a Wish List of items that are in particularly high demand, which you can find on page 28; perhaps you will be inspired by a cause and lend a hand or make a donation. We encourage you to discover the good deeds that these nonprofit groups have been up to, as well as what they have in store in the year to come.
— Joshua Brayer
Interim Editor, Special Publications Contents