Mesa Salsa

Getting into the salsa business was never the primary goal for Anne Altamirano and her daughter, Alexandrea. Anne had been making salsa at home, experimenting with different combinations to make it taste better with the intention of simply having quality, all-natural salsa in the fridge at home. Finding store-bought salsa that tasted good and wasn't loaded down with artificial additives was becoming nearly impossible. Friends really liked Anne's recipes, and began to ask her to make it for parties and other social events. Her husband brought it to his tennis league matches, where other players insisted on having Anne make it especially for their own events. Shortly thereafter, Alexandrea graduated from culinary school, and the mother-daughter tandem realized they had a business on their hands, and started Mesa Salsa Company together nearly a year ago.

A major part of what makes Mesa Salsa so delicious is that it is completely all-natural, with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, in addition to the fact that the Altamiranos source a majority of their ingredients directly through farmers or vendors within a 75-mile radius of Santa Barbara. So you know that every time you open a container of Mesa Salsa, it's going to be fresh, healthy, and natural.

Mesa Salsa is truly a family-owned and -operated company - Anne and Alexandrea personally handle all production and distribution, so the attention to quality control is high. The Altamiranos appreciate being an integral part of the Santa Barbara community. "It's home; it's paradise!" said Anne. "Santa Barbara is a very healthful community that embraces local business and sustainability, and appreciates quality food products."

The Altamiranos give back to the community by donating salsa to and participating in local nonprofit events and fundraisers. They recently participated at the SOL (Sustainable, Organic, Local) Food Festival at Vera Cruz Park; if you missed them there, you can find Mesa Salsa products (they currently make two varieties: mild and hot) at a variety of local markets and retailers, including Tri-County Produce, Plow to Porch, IV Food Coop, Lassen's, Figueroa Mountain Brewery, Rainbow Bridge and Westridge Market in Ojai, and New Frontiers and El Rancho in Solvang. They have most recently begun distributing to Whole Foods in Santa Barbara, Oxnard, and Thousand Oaks. They can be reached at 448-3836, , or find them on Facebook at Mesa Salsa Co.